Elevate your firm

FundPanel streamlines your back, middle, and front office operations.

Everything you need, all in one secure place

Tools for the largest funds around the world.

Fund data,

You and your investors can easily view funds, capital commitments, capital calls, distributions, and capital accounts in clear dashboard views.

made easy

Fund communications have never been easier with templates tailored to your needs.

  • Send investor notices with the push of a button
  • Automated calculations ensure error-free reporting to Limited Partners
  • Customizable and flexible reporting templates based on industry best practices
  • Single login credentials for users across multiple organizations

Real time insights

Stay ahead of the curve with your data.
Key metrics – historical and real-time – at your fingertips.

  • Total Value to Paid-in Capital (TVPI)
  • Distributions to Paid-in Capital (DPI)
  • Gross IRR
  • Performance metrics

Lead the way with FundPanel

Limited Partners

  • One login for all Aduro-supported Fund Managers. Combined landing page makes navigation between firms easy
  • Secure method for sending and receiving sensitive information:
    • Capital call notices and banking information 
    • Ability to update sensitive investor information like banking instructions, share DTC instructions, and access other key tax information
  • Repository for key investment documents such as K-1s, fund formation information, quarterly and annual reporting
  • Intuitive reporting of capital account history including capital calls, distributions, and quarterly NAV

Fund Managers

  • Real-time performance metrics such as Gross IRR, TVPI, DPI available over time on both a fund-basis and firm-basis
  • Key information such as Capital Contributions and Total Value mapped over time
  • Flexible interface with customizable dashboards and reporting tailored to investment industries or a customized field
  • An efficient and professional way to share information with Limited Partners, both during fundraising and on an ongoing basis
  • Reporting insights track Limited Partner engagement

Back Office, Finance & Operations

  • Automated calculations for key fund documents such as capital calls, distributions, and capital accounts
  • Push-button notices for capital calls, distributions, and capital accounts
  • Customizable communication templates designed to industry standards featuring client logos and specifications
  • Detailed contact roles assignable for reporting and email communications

“Aduro’s technical expertise coupled with their grow with you philosophy really aligns them with their clients and makes them the go to fund administration group for not only emerging but even established venture funds.”

— Eric Valle of NextPlay Capital

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